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Mastodon has become my new favorite social media network. No algorithms drives what I view or who I interact with. It takes some time to get accustomed to it, but I’ve learned a few things to make navigating Mastodon a fun and useful activity. I’m meeting many communities there.

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If you need help with Mastodon, let me know.

The logo for the Hachyderm Mastodon website which looks like a Mastodon head-shaped mug with the trunk curved up like the handle of the mug.  The top of the head looks like a cup filled to the brim with hot coffee  or team with a little wisp of steam coming up.  It gives the inviting feeling of conversation.


I connect with my professional network here. While the algorithms do steer some interesting content away, i

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X / Twitter (RIP)

Mosts of my posts on X-itter are re-routed from LinkedIn these days. I don’t visit X-itter as it’s polluted with ads and other undesirable posts.