At Agile2016, a group from the Virtual Team Talk community organized a number of sessions.  Our most ambitious was two 75-minute sessions as part of the new Audatious Salon track.  I also had the opportunity to collaborate with David Horowitz of Retrium on a workshop on distributed collaboration where we developed a distributed version of the marshmallow challenge for 3 types of dispersed teams.  Read on if you would like to know more about those events.

Audacious Salon at Agile 2016 – Distributed Agile

Original invitation before Agile2016 – What shall we explore at Agile2016?

Audacious Salon – Distributed Agile – Monday, 25 July &
Tuesday 26 July 2016

Overview slides (used on site)

Remote participant guide (provided in advance of sessions)

Original spreadsheet used to gather inputs


See the online retrospective for the Audacious Salon track

THANKS!!! – Audacious Salon was not the work of one, but the work of many.  Special thanks to:

  • George Dinwiddie – not only for launching the Audacious Salon track with Doc, but for all the conversations to cut the paths through the distributed jungle
  • Doc Norton – not only for launching the Audacious Salon track, but for quickly responding to all my questions as we set up this delightfully messy experiment
  • Micheal Herman – my co-creator of the salon and facilitator extraordinaire’
  • Mandy Ross and Sococo – without your help, we would not have experienced seamless online collaboration with audio and video
  • Revolve Robotics for providing the Kubi – one of the best and easiest to use telepresence technologies I’ve seen.
  • Pilar Orti – for her feedback, support and helping to spread the word on this audacious experiment

Blog posts and other follow-up:

WORKSHOP with David Horowitz – Thursday 28 July 2016

David Horowitz and Mark Kilby’s session on Communication and Collaboration in Distributed Teams (slides and handouts available for download)

InfoQ wrote a summary.

David Horowitz also has a wonderful online tool for those who struggle with online retrospectives.  You should check out Retrium.