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Johanna and I were able to get the first  few chapters into a “shippable” state (i.e., it met a sufficient level of quality for us).  The book contains the first 4 chapters, just under 30,000 words. About 100 pages of actual book.

You can find it at

We found we had some intermingled ideas in Chapter 5 that we wanted to detangle.  Watch for that in the next couple of weeks.

Right now, we expect to have roughly 12 chapters in the completed book by summer.  So what is available now in the early preview is the first third of the book, but contains key concepts that we will build on.

Also, we will be presenting some of these concepts at Agile2018 as well as submitting an experience report on how we used the same principles to pair-write the book as a distributed team.  I’ll also try to share some of those stories here, if you let me know you are interested via social media or commenting here on the blog.

Finally, if you have questions, as them here via blog comments, social media or the contact form on the blog.  I’ll do my best to answer your questions via future blog posts.  Others might want to know the answers as well.