We are still in the early days of what it means to facilitate online effectively. However, there are some that are pushing the boundaries and truly innovating in this space. I list some of them here.

Collaboration Superpowers

Lisette Sutherland built not only a podcast, courses and resources, she has truly supported a community of people in sharing what tools and techniques can help us all.

Rees McCann

Judy Rees and her husband, Steve McCann, not only have brought the tools of Clean Language to Remote Facilitation

The Remote Coaches

Kirsten Clacey and Jay-Allen Morris nurture a wonder community of remote facilitators that share tips, techniques and demonstrations of the craft.

Remote Facilitation Communities

See my Communities page.


You might be asking, “What’s in it for me” to promote other organizations?

Remote facilitation IS different. It’s not just replicating what you used to do in physical spaces. It’s also not using just fancy tools to wow an audience. It’s truly rethinking what the online space makes available to you as facilitator and your group to accomplish work together.

Facilitation principles stay the same, but the techniques have to change.

Why have I listed the people above?

Because I have collaborated with them in some form and I know they care about developing the art and highlighting the work of others. That helps support the art of great remote facilitation.