Originally sent December 24th, 2019.

This is the last newsletter of the year. I’ve learned much in trying to get this out to you on a semi-regular basis and I’ll be reflecting on that over the holidays. My favorite newsletters are short and to the point. So let me just get to the gifts!

  • The audiobook version of From Chaos to Successful Distributed Agile Teams was released Dec 23. If you are like me, you might like the audiobook with the e-book or print version. The initial price through Amazon could make that an easy choice. See details at https://www.markkilby.com/sdat… and don’t forget to download the supplemental materials.
  • You will find several new free downloads in my Resources section at https://www.markkilby.com/resources/ including the Compass Activity for helping a team explore work preferences.
  • Seeing many individuals and organizations I coach struggle with change, I’ve started a “navigating change” series on my blog. Feel free to send me questions via email or blog comments.
  • I’ve set my speaking schedule for Q1 of 2020 and I have discount codes for the conferences I’m speaking at:
    • Open Leadership Symposium Feb 4-6 (Tampa) – This is a new conference based on invitation-based leadership and which I’ve personally practiced. Look for me in the open space sessions. 50% discount code: MARKKILBY (good all January)
    • LeanAgileUS Feb 24-26 (Ft. Lauderdale) – Topic: Learning Through Agile Writing. This is one of my favorite conferences because of it’s smaller size and the great speakers it attracts. You can actually have time to talk with us! 20% discount code: MARKK
    • QCon London – I’ve been invited to speak at this conference on the topic of “3 Disciplines for Leading a Distributed Agile Organization”. 75GBP discount code: SPEAK75Mark

Finally, I want to thank you for following my work this year and asking some great questions. I have more exciting announcements coming in 2020. Stay connected via these field notes or connect with me on Twitter or LinkedIn.

See you in 2020!