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What is our Future? Hybrid, Remote, or Something Else? (Summer 2021)

Pragmatic Programmers asked me to write a series of articles celebrating the two-year anniversary of our book, From Chaos to Successful Distributed Agile Teams. This series on Medium covers similar information as my Agile2021 talk of the same name.

Key Conferences and Events

Upcoming Events

Mark’s Events on Remote

Learn more about Mark Kilby’s events on Remote Coaching, Facilitation, and Training. See the calendar.

Past Events on Hybrid Remote

Unmute Conference – Sept 30, 2021

A brand new conference inspiring the future of remote facilitation and coaching. Click here.

Agile2021 – Remote Talks & Workshops – July 19-22, 2021

There were a number of sessions at this conference on July 19-22, 2021 that will help you better understand how you can support teams and organizations in remote and hybrid-remote work. See the sessions here.

My Talk: Where Does our Future Lead? Remote, Hybrid Remote or Elsewhere

  • Links to my slides can be found on Speakerdeck and on the Agile2021 website.
  • People asked me how I filmed some of the unique video effects for my talk. Three secrets there:
  • People also asked for the Mentimeter results of the poll I ran during the video/talk. Here you go:

Dropbox Virtual First Toolkit (Example of office-based to thoughtful hybrid remote)

In my talk, I reference the move Dropbox made during the pandemic and how they are constantly updating their Virtual First Toolkit. Check these links for more information

Early 2021 version – Virtual First Toolkit – some of the early work of Dropbox to go from office-based to hybrid remote

Virtual First Toolkit – June 2021 – gives more information on Dropboxes next steps

Remote Agile Framework (Remote:AF)

What is Remote:AF?

Learn about the Remote Agile Framework and how it can be applied at team, team of teams and enterprise level. It plays well with other frameworks too.

Remote:AF Operating Model

An 8-part series that goes into detail on how you can design how your business operates independently of location. Why might you need this? Read about some of the anti-patterns when you don’t have a well-thought-out operating model.


Most people don’t realize that many of the Remote:AF canvases are available on the website.

Hybrid Remote

Learn how to build a hybrid remote team using the team canvas in this blog post by Andrew Blain, co-founder of Remote:AF

Virtual Obeya

The obeya is a way to get a view across your team of teams, release train or your entire organization. In older lean organizations, the obeya was a room filled with constantly updated information across the organization. A virtual obeya can become more dynamic and flexible. And it’s not just about the work. Pay attention to the “cultural window” into your organization as well.

Remote Leadership

Intent-based Leadership – What is a leader’s role in a remote organization? Read David Martin’s 2 part blog series on intent-based leadership.

Situational Empathy – critical for remote teams; to be modeled by leadership

My Hybrid-Remote Articles, Blog Posts, and Series

Hybrid Remote Work – Think Bridges, Not Destination

A long-form article where I discuss where I see hybrid remote work evolving into 2022.

Return Gently to the Office blog series (Spring 2021)

Describing some of the challenges and ways to navigate those challenges of planning to return to the office.

Your Next Workplace blog series (Fall 2020)

Explaining considerations, such as inclusion, and techniques (buddy and copilot patterns in particular).

Remote Basics

Basic concepts I’ve written about over the years for remote and hybrid remote organizations. Also see:

Articles on Remote and Hybrid Remote

I’ve written a number of articles for other publications. You can find them here.

Remote Jobs & Recruiting

They are out there, you just need to know where to look. Fortunately, I have a few places for you to check out on my Remote Jobs page.

And if you are an employer wondering where you can find competent remote staff, see my Remote Recruiting page.

Other Useful Resources for Remote and Hybrid Remote Organizations