Last Friday (11/18/2016), we held the largest Agile Open Florida conference in our three year history with over 200 people. One of our new sponsors asked me what was the purpose of this event. As I mentioned in our opening, it’s not about the event; it’s about the community. So I just wanted to briefly thank the following folks:

  • Thank you to my original co-organizers: Stephanie Davis and Ryan Dorrell for sharing the vision of bringing our Agile Florida community together.
  • Thank you to Colleen Esposito for jumping in to help make sure the community had the nourishment to keep the conversations going no matter what needs they had
  • Thanks to Diana Boucvalt for her facilitation of our largest open space ever!
  • Thanks to the amazing staff of Wycliffe Associates who not only were our facilities hosts, but also provided half of our volunteer staff and were amazingly flexible in helping this event come together (including providing the outside spaces).
  • Thanks to all of our volunteers for preparing and holding the space with us. I was truly amazed at the many ways you displayed servant leadership.
  • Thanks to our sponsors – both old and new – who understood and supported bringing the community together.
  • Thanks to Richard Kasperowski for providing an easy way to get our proceedings online so quickly.
  • Thanks to all who supported us moving the date due to a little hiccup called Hurricane Matthew.
  • Finally, I want to thank the community for coming together and sharing what was important to you. Through November 2016, we will continue to update the Agile Open Florida website to share your notes, pictures, and insights.agile-open-graphic-record-3mb