InfoQ Agile2015 interviewWhile at Agile2015, InfoQ interviewed me and some of my colleagues and you can now see the InfoQ interview and transcript (25 min). In the interview, we talk about our distributed network of user groups and how we collaborate.  A big thank you to Stephanie and Rick for joining me in the presentation and interview!  In the second half, I also discuss some of our fully distributed agile teams at Sonatype.

If you would like to read our Agile2015 experience reports, you can see those at:

Experience Report: User group dying? Time to build a state-wide learning network! by Mark Kilby, Stephanie Davis and Alex Kanaan. Find out how three agile user groups in Florida revived their agile communities by banding together.  Our slides are available here.

Experience Report – Can you be remotely agile?

Slides – Can you be remotely agile?

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