Screenshot 2014-07-26 09.40.52A new attendee to Agile2014 contacted me and asked me what they should look for in next week’s conference.  Here is my response:

  1. pick 2-3 things in each time slot that are interesting for you.  If one is full, you can quickly move to another (think – the Law of Mobility and Responsibility, also known as the “Law of Two Feet” in Open Space Technology)
  2. have the Agile2014 conference app on your phone for updates & quickly refer to those 2-3 options
  3. like open space, be prepared to be surprised and be willing to throw out the schedule if you meet someone interesting to talk to (conferences are about building connections)
  4. keep checking Open Jam for interesting things not on the schedule
  5. Follow my Twitter list of people I know who will be there and often share the “vibe” of the conference (Note: I’m not on this list as I’ll be watching it too) —

Hope you find this useful