Open Space Technology influenced me almost as long as agile principles. This is just a brief summary of some resources for now. There may be future updates.


What is Open Space Technology? – a great explanation by my friend, Michal Herman.

Exploring Who Controls Your Meetings by Process and Tools Used Online – This article of mine will give you a good overview of the idea of “control” and where open space plays on that spectrum.

This article elaborates on the concept of invitation (a core practice in open space) and how it can be leveraged for remote teams.

This article, originally published in, describes how open space can be used for internal corporate meetups for remote companies.

Because we were always recruiting new staff, we would open up with a sociemetry exercise described here to orient them to the space of our online community

Events to Experience OST

Other public events, like Agile Coach Camp, are typically run using Open Space Technology.

If you truly want to experience an engaging and connected community online, visit the Future of Work 24 Hours event. It is an experience like no other.

The folks at always hold some amazing events the help you understand connection online. It’s not always in an OST format, but you will learn and experience much.

Other Resources for Open Space

The Mobility Mindset journey and book with April Jefferson and I explore Open Space principles and how they can be used far beyond events.

Lean Coffee – can be considered a mini-open-space lasting an hour to 90 minutes

The opening and closing circle at Agile Open Florida 2015.