Today marks a sad day but also one more call to collaborate.  Many former Rally Software employees are being let go in Boulder, Denver, Raleigh and other locations.  They include developers, QA, sales engineers, and more.  Rally Software was an amazing place to work and was the turning point of my career and many others.  Today also happens to be Jean Tabaka’s birthday.

So my fellow Rally alumni, let’s do something about this!  Let’s Rally On one more time.

If you know of good agile companies please post them here in the comments.  I’ll update the post as often as I can.  My company is hiring and I welcome all Rallyers who can apply.

Agile/DevOps Companies looking for good Rallyers:

  • (Mark Kilby here; all remote positions)
  • (mentioned by a friend of Mark’s)
  • (Keith Boswell here)
  • (mentioned by Dina Whelan on LinkedIn)
  •  (Todd Olson and Laura Olson-Burke here)
  • (mentioned by Dina Whelan on LinkedIn)

If you see people sharing their stories of what Rally was like, please also add them to the comments here.  By sharing the stories, we can possibly help other companies understand what it means to Rally On!

Some Rally stories shared:

  • rally car with logo