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This format is adapted from Neil Killick’s CAIN Retrospective and Bob Marshall’s Antimatter Principle.

Typically, in Agile teams we spend a lot of time talking about how to improve the team and the system. Once in a while, I find it useful to open up discussion about what we each need as individuals, and to discuss our preferences in how we work. Sometimes we know these things about each other, and sometimes we don’t. When we discover things we weren’t aware of, we have the opportunity to have a conversation and build empathy and understanding.

Parts of the board:

1) Preference sliders: Middle section has sliders with people’s preferences. Each person can add a dot for themself and place it where they feel they are. For example:

Screenshot 2021-03-23 at 16.42.02.png

2) Personal needs:

  1. On a high level, how are things going for you?
  2. What is working well for me?  (needs being met)
  3. What is not working well for me/what do you need? (unmet needs)
  4. How might we attend to my unmet needs?

3) Us:

  1. What are we taking away?
  2. What do we now know about “us”?
Courtesy of Kirsten Clacey