Sometimes it’s difficult to attend a live workshop to learn concepts for making your remote teams and organizations successful. That’s why I offer a number of self-paced courses to help you.

Remote Interviewing and Hiring Course

Our newest course: How to Discover, Interview and Hire Amazing Remote People
(offered through our partner Meeting School). This goes deeper into Chapter 10 on our book, From Chaos to Successful Distributed Agile Teams.

Successful Distributed Agile Teams Courses

The following self-paced courses focus on learning principles and deeper skills for becoming a successful distributed agile team and are based on our book, From Chaos to Successful Distributed Agile Teams. This self-paced format provides video lectures and homework experiments you can try individually or with your team. I and Johanna Rothman support you through a Slack community and email.

  1. Rapidly Remote (FREE) – Have you and your team suddenly found yourself shifting from an office to a completely remote work environment? This course discusses the impacts of that change and how you and your team can put together the right tools and the best working agreements to stay connected.
  2. Prepare for Successful Distributed Agile Teams – this course introduces a team member, team leader, manager or executive to some of the introductory concepts from our book. It will allow you to check your readiness for launching distributed agile teams.
  3. Out of Chaos, to Success as a Distributed Agile Team – This course covers much of the material in the book and includes an electronic copy of the book. With over 4 hours of video content and discussion labs provided with the authors, it should answer many of your questions on being successful with distributed agile teams.
  4. 2-course Bundle – Get “Prepare for Successful Distributed Agile Teams” and “Out of Chaos to Success as a Distributed Agile Team” at a significant discount. See our school website for details.

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