2018-Rothman-Kilby-DAT-Ebook-v1-2400x1600Many have asked when the book will be available.  You can actually get an early release now at https://leanpub.com/geographicallydistributedagileteams

Johanna and I have received over 50 pages of feedback from reviewers and we are also working with an editor to reduce the size of the book.  We realize we were repetitive across a few chapters.  We heard the same from our reviewers.

There were also some interesting suggestions from some reviewers on changing the order of the chapters.  We are exploring that now.

So if you purchase the book from Leanpub, you will get an update when it’s out with the same content but a more concise version.

We are planning a print version in early 2019 and we will also distribute the book through a few different online platforms.  Stay tuned.

Also, I’ll be moving this blog to a new hosting site over the holidays and setting a regular rhythm to my newsletter in 2019.  More on that as we enter the new year with more regular updates from me.