This has definitely been a week of lows and highs.  I don't think I need to point out the lows to you.  We all hear them on the news each day. I'd rather give you the "high points" I've seen in the remote community and how it might help you if you've gone rapidly remote.

First, if you have been following my Navigating Change blog series, you have heard me talk about the Satir change model.  A quick reminder, this model can help you and your team figure out how they are dealing with change and what might be some next steps.  Here's a refresher on the model:

A chart showing a change, how performance becomes a struggle, and then how it improves as people learn to adapt
The Satir Change Curve

So the key to successfully navigating this curve is to pause, understand where you are on the curve, and try to understand how your assumptions about your work have been challenged by the change.  This allows you to discover your transforming idea.

The challenging part of this last week: I've been talking to groups that have been all over the curve.  Some are even bouncing between steps (2) through (7) as other "changes" pop up for folks.  It could be your meeting software crashing.  It could be some team members not coping so well with sheltering at home (whether voluntary or government ordered).  Maybe it's family not quite understanding how and when you need focus time.  That number (2) can keep bouncing back in times like this and cause new disruptions.

But there are some bright spots.

Many in the remote work community have been running some amazing experiments and trying different things to help people navigate this curve. Many transforming ideas are being shared. Some examples that might help you out:

a) A webinar for anyone struggling with going suddenly remote.  You can watch this webinar here courtesy of my friends at Retrium and my amazing panel of colleagues.

b) Maybe you are a scrummaster that is struggling with how to work with your teams.  I've got another webinar recording for you here from Vasco Duarte's Scrummaster Toolbox podcast. Vasco experimented with a daily live Q&A talk. There are other webinar recordings being dropped in that same YouTube channel.

c) Maybe you have a retrospective coming up and you are struggling with what to do online.  Here is another online chat I had on This Is Retrospective Facilitation podcast with Enrico Teotti.

I hope you find one of these webinars give you a transforming idea to help you and your team.  Let me know where you are on the Satir change model.  Perhaps I can give you other ideas.

Stay safe and hope to see you online soon.